edBridge Advisory

Providing strategic counsel on mission, program and organizational effectiveness, as well as communications strategy to education institutions, membership organizations, and corporate philanthropy leaders

We have dedicated our careers to mission-based work, shaped by educational imperatives and driven by powerful programs and initiatives, supported by communications, strategic partnerships and advocacy campaigns to dramatize our client’s cause and enable them to get the recognition they deserve, with the audiences that matter. We provide experienced counsel on program and organizational effectiveness, as well as communications strategy and advocacy campaigns. We believe in the power of sustained, tightly coordinated public outreach campaigns, not in one-off activities. We want every event, every message, every program to be synchronized so each element builds to a whole greater than the sum of its parts. By tying everything you do to your mission and goals, we can help you achieve greater impact to reinforce the value you bring to stakeholders, and deliver the outcomes you need to grow and succeed. We engage donors. Build relationships. We will sharpen your brand identity, create and execute communications and development strategies vital to helping you increase support for your cause, institution, or organization faster and more effectively than ever.

For Education Leaders
We provide strategic planning and the development and integration of system-wide initiatives and communications. We help evaluate, coordinate, and integrate institutional resources, research, and initiatives that can drive institutional strategies and, when leveraged together, can achieve your goals.
For Membership Organizations
We help develop strategic partnerships to advance your organization’s mission and goals; design programs and services to add value for members; support fundraising campaigns and donor relationships; and create well synchronized communications and advocacy programs to deepen engagement and increase your organization’s awareness and reach.
For Corporate Leaders of Social Responsibility Initiatives
We provide counsel on mission and develop long-range plans and high impact advocacy campaigns that connect disparate activities and more strongly link your corporate brand with your philanthropic efforts so you are better known for the causes you support.

edBridge Program Development & Management

Skilled planning and project management to bring complex projects to completion, achieving collaboration across disciplines, sectors and systems to advance organizational goals.

Educators often have promising ideas or plans that are ready to put into place. But game changing solutions require not only big ideas but also the ability to execute and integrate these solutions into effective, sustainable programs. Opportunities are often missed when university or college systems can’t share and integrate important research findings or initiatives within their systems or across campuses to achieve broader system-wide goals. There are often cultural, administrative or resource barriers to integrating work, connecting efforts and communicating results in a unified voice across school districts. edBridge Partners helps remove such barriers. We bring expert strategic planning, deep knowledge of policy issues and research, as well as certified project management skills to help institutions accomplish the hard work of implementing and integrating programs to realize their most important goals. We take an entrepreneurial approach to large-scale projects, stimulating fresh ideas that clear the path to progress. We help develop and manage these initiatives, linking strategy to execution—every step of the way.

edBridge Action Learning Networks

Mobilizing partnerships across sectors, institutions or disciplines for sustained collaboration, learning and collective impact

Improving college readiness and completion rates among all students and especially low-income students requires thoughtful collaboration among districts, across sectors, and within systems. District and institutional leaders believe that such collaboration is the key to making progress but are often inhibited by time constraints and lack of professional facilitation.  edBridge Partners has a proven process and full suite of services to help you collaborate productively so you can make tangible progress toward creating a more seamless educational pathway for all students. Our principals have had success creating and managing a groundbreaking Action Learning Network in 2012-2013, which brought together more than 100 educators from 17 institutions representing K-12, community colleges and universities in five states to find ways of better aligning high school graduation and college entrance performance expectations. All participants considered the collaborative process a real success.

“Truly meaningful and relevant professional learning took place – learning that will definitely influence what we do in practice.”
(Washington State team member)
“The level of technical assistance was really exceptional – we had no idea that this support would be so valuable and tailored to our particular needs.”
(Maryland team member)