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edBridge Partners is a mission-driven consultancy committed to helping education institutions, membership organizations, and philanthropies perform at their very best for the students we all serve. We have a bias for action and a strong commitment to achieving results for our clients. Education leaders and organizations who work with edBridge Partners can feel confident they are getting the very best assistance – in management consulting, expert planning, and program development – that will enable them to achieve their most ambitious goals and make a difference.

What we do:

  • Realignment & Organizational Effectiveness
  • Academic Innovation
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Program Development
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Optimizing Student Experience
  • Leadership Counsel


edBridge Partners was formed to fill the gap between intentions and results

At edBridge Partners, we are dedicated to helping our clients create sustained momentum for their most important projects, programs and initiatives. We plan, ideate and inspire creative problem solving and thoughtful collaboration to accelerate your ideas and goals. We have a set of beliefs and a way of working that will bring unique value to your organization.

Our principals have a combined 60 years’ experience in education and business organizations, working within K-12 and higher education, in applied and academic research as well as strategic planning, project management, and communications. Most significantly, we have a bias for action and a commitment to achieving results. We bring a focused, entrepreneurial approach to working within and between institutions and systems to cultivate new ideas and implement fresh approaches, on time and within budget.

  • edBridge Partners is a mission-driven consultancy. We are passionate in our belief that all students deserve access to post-secondary education, and are focused on helping educators and organizations take effective actions to improve the conditions necessary for progress.
  • We have deep knowledge of the field you operate in; in particular, we are experts on the critical transition point between high school and college and know what it takes to smooth that transition.
  • We have a bias for action and intense client focus. Your agenda is our agenda and you will always feel as if you are the only client we have when you are working with us.
  • We will give you a holistic view of your operation—not just smart data analysis and measurement tools—but a practical view of how to strengthen your programs or services with a sharp customer focus to best serve your constituents.
  • We bring a network of incredible advisors and partners to our work with you. We have connections across the education sector and can recommend outstanding specialists to help meet your goals.
  • We believe our work with educators is significant but it is also deeply personal. For at the heart of all that we do, it is our passion for education’s potential and belief in the power of educators that fuels our vision and drives us to help transform the organizations and institutions for the students we all serve.
How we work: Client project briefs
Successful Transitions to College (STC) in Spokane, Washington:
Inquiry-Based Professional Learning to Improve Student Transitions Download


We are privileged to work collaboratively with some of the best organizations and institutions to achieve their desired results.

edBridge Partners supports the Midwestern Higher Education Compact on two grant-funded projects:

  1. edBridge serves as the consultants on an 18-month grant supported by the Hewlett Foundation to support the growth and expansion of use of open educational resources (OER) across the Midwest and efforts to build state, regional, and national capacity for OER. This role includes managing state OER action teams, developing and delivering communications, publications, and presentations on MHEC's behalf, and providing overall grant management.
  2. edBridge provides overall program and project management services supporting the creation and cultivation of the regional 12-state Midwest Credential Transparency Alliance (“MCTA”). edBridge collaborates closely with MHEC staff and leadership, Credential Engine staff, and partners and providers to develop the Alliance structure, goals, and outcomes and to manage the day-to-day activities of the Alliance in promoting credential transparency across the Midwest.

edBridge is currently engaged by Frostburg State University in Frostburg, MD to serve as program and grant managers for a 5-year Department of Education Teacher Quality Partnership grant. The grant aims to develop and implement a Teacher-Residency program designed to increase teacher diversity and teacher competencies in high-need and rural districts in Maryland. edBridge provides overall program management for this project, including strategic counsel, planning, coordination, development, implementation and launch activities. edBridge is also responsible for providing strategic guidance on partnerships to help sustain the program beyond the grant, and ensuring that the project mission, vision, and goals are achieved on time, within budget and with high-quality outcomes over the 5-year term of the grant.

edBridge conducted a formative evaluation project on open education networks primarily within the US and Canada for the Foundation.  The first phase of this work entailed establishing a baseline mapping of the current networks.  The second phase included surveys, interviews, and focus groups with leaders and stakeholders across the North American open education field on their perceptions of strengths and weaknesses of the field and future directions, with an explicit focus on how the field might expand to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. The final phase included an analysis of these insights and recommendations to the Foundation on future strategic priorities and investments to support a strong and healthy open education field, along with an interactive online network map tool to easily search and find networks based on filterable criteria. See final report here

Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore City Community College is a state-sponsored, degree-granting community college with five learning sites in the city of Baltimore. Offering 37 associate degree programs and 17 certifications in high-demand fields, BCCC helps thousands of students advance their academic and career prospects each year, and is considered a critical asset in the economic revitalization of Baltimore.

edBridge Partners was engaged to help BCCC and its Board ensure the college’s organizational structure, resources, and talent were properly aligned to help more students succeed in their academic and career goals. Working closely with the leadership team, we conducted a comprehensive review of the college’s goals, organizational structure, leadership capabilities and succession planning, and made actionable recommendations for improving the student experience while realizing mandated cost efficiencies.

In addition, edBridge Partners worked with the College’s Workforce Development and Continuing Education division to more closely align curriculum with area job opportunities, to strengthen strategic partnerships, and to collect data to measure the effectiveness of key programs.

College Spark Washington

College Spark Washington funds programs that help low-income students become college-ready, making grants to organizations and institutions throughout Washington state that are helping low-income students improve their academic achievement, prepare for and graduate from college. Under a 3-year College Spark Grant, edBridge developed and implemented a self-directed, regional, professional development network for approximately 50 English language arts (ELA) and mathematics faculty representing Eastern Washington University, the Community Colleges of Spokane, and seven urban, suburban, and rural K-12 districts in the Spokane region. The project supported small cross-sector cohorts of faculty in the inquiry process of identifying problems of practice, finding ways to address those problems, and studying the implementation and results of their strategies. edBridge developed an online toolkit, Successful Transitions to College, after the project to disseminate the learning from our three-year engagement. All the tools, lesson plans, research, and data are freely available for download and use by others in the field.

National Association of Secondary School Principals

NASSP is the leading organization of and voice for middle level and high school principals, assistant principals, and school leaders from across the United States and 35 countries around the world. Founded in 1916, NASSP's mission is to connect and engage school leaders through advocacy, research, education, and student programs. We have been working with the organization over a number of years to strengthen strategic partnerships and provide support for its major membership programs, including the National Honor Society, National Student Council, the NASSP Policy & Advocacy Center, and school leaders recognition programs & professional development.

Prince George's Community College

Prince George's Community College (PGCC) selected edBridge Partners to engage the College in an extended dialogue and to provide actionable recommendations to align the resources, capabilities, and structure of the institution to best serve its students, prepare for the future, sustain the college, and achieve the vision for PGCC. The project also focused on identifying the leadership skills and development needed for the future. Following the approval of the recommendations, edBridge was engaged to assist in the implementation of the Realignment recommendations and new business processes to support the new structure and ways of working.

In addition, edBridge supports Prince George’s Community College participation in the three-year Pathways Project, a national project focused on building capacity for community colleges to design and implement structured academic and career pathways at scale, for all their students. edBridge Partners provides project management for Pathways on the ground at the institution, providing coordination, planning, communications, and program support across all areas of Prince George’s Community College to integrate and synthesize the Pathways work to date and prepare the institution for execution and implementation of the Guided Pathways model in Fall 2018.

William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation, University System of Maryland

Among the first of its kind at the system level, the USM William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation provides a cohesive place to conceptualize, organize, and disseminate innovative best practices in learning and teaching for the benefit of its students. We have been assisting the USM in the implementation of the Center's vision and mission, including planning, organizing and managing major strategic initiatives on their behalf on topics such as open educational resources, digital badging, MOOCs, student outcomes assessment, online course quality, and course redesign.

Additionally, edBridge Partners was selected by the University System of Maryland to manage a five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education's First in the World (FITW) program to develop, implement, and evaluate a statistics pathway in order to accelerate developmental students' progress into credit-bearing postsecondary courses and help more of those students reach certificate or degree completion effectively and efficiently. Project goals include reducing costs for students who will not have to languish in developmental courses, and saving the state and higher education institutions at least a portion of the estimated $72 million spent annually in Maryland on developmental education. In order to meet those goals, the FITW MMRI program supports the development of a new developmental statistics pathway leading to a general education statistics course. The twelve partnering institutions—five USM institutions and seven community colleges serving approximately 158,000 new students each year—will be the "early adopters" of the new mathematics pathway and will lead the development of the new pathway for Maryland's 29 public higher education institutions.

University of North Carolina System and the North Carolina Community College System

edBridge Partners served as a project manager and facilitator of the North Carolina Student Aid Study Group, organized by the University of North Carolina System in partnership with the North Carolina Community Colleges. The Student Aid Study Group brought together higher education leaders, financial aid experts, and state policymakers to examine state aid programs that serve UNC and NCCCS students, to identify lessons from research and other states about the optimal design of student aid, and develop evidence-based reforms to enhance the effectiveness of state aid investments. The recommendations developed by the Study Group will inform changes to state policy and program design for the North Carolina state grant programs.


Defined by brilliant strategic thinking and driven
by a desire to achieve results

We bring a new approach: one defined by comprehensive planning, systems thinking, creativity and a burning desire to achieve results for our clients. Our clients typically engage us at the launch of a major initiative or program evaluation, when strategic thinking and real collaboration are needed to streamline pathways for student success. Education leaders and organizations who work with edBridge Partners can feel confident they are getting the very best assistance – in creative problem solving, expert planning and project management – that will enable them to achieve their most ambitious goals and make a difference.
edBridge Advisory
Providing strategic counsel on mission, program and organizational effectiveness, as well as communications strategy to education institutions, membership organizations, and corporate philanthropy leaders Link
edBridge Program Development & Management
Skilled planning and project management to bring complex projects to completion, achieving collaboration across disciplines, sectors and systems to advance organizational goals. Link
edBridge Action Learning Networks
Mobilizing partnerships across sectors, institutions or disciplines for sustained collaboration, learning and collective impact Link


Extensive experience combined with an entrepreneurial approach

We bring a deep commitment to improving education, backed by extensive experience in both education and business organizations, in applied and academic research, and in strategic planning, project management and communications. Above all, we have a bias for action and a commitment to achieving results for our clients.

Christen Pollock
President & CEO
Rohit Tandon
Annika Many
Maria Pierog
Executive Assistant to the CEO


A talented group of Special Advisors with valuable experience to whom we can turn for advice and counsel on issues of importance to our clients.

Steven E. Brooks
The longtime executive director of the North Carolina’s highly successful State Education Assistance Authority, he is an authority on college access and financial aid.
Roger A. Fasnacht
As an independent consultant for the past 25 years, he provides financial and management information system guidance for growing entrepreneurial companies.
Robert C. Kanoy
After serving as a senior officer for the 17-campus University of North Carolina system, he is currently a Senior Fellow at the American Council on Education focusing on programs for college access and success, and adult education.
Kathleen Little
An expert on student financial aid policy, she has been a senior advisor at the College Board and a financial aid officer at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Patricia Martin
Longtime head of the College Board’s Office of School Counselor Advocacy, she is a champion for the crucial role counselors can play in America’s schools.
Gary Mobley
A strategist with over 25 years of proven success building and implementing data driven solutions in the diverse sectors of education, engineering, and manufacturing.
Duncan Pollock
The former CEO of a large New York advertising agency and brand consultancy, he created successful campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands and brings valuable marketing expertise to the partnership.
Ginny Terzano
As the leader of Dewey Square Group’s communications practice, she combines political knowledge, strategic planning, and forward thinking to bring clients the most comprehensive and tactical public relations support.
Heather Ayres
A former principal of edBridge Partners, she brings more than 25 years of experience in both K-12 and higher education and broad knowledge of policies and practices in the fields of admission and financial aid; teaching and advising; and educational partnerships.


Understanding the NC License in a Higher Education Context
As part of the Creative Commons Certificate course, edBridge Principal Annika Many discusses a common challenge faced by faculty in choosing the right Creative Commons license. Link
Communicating with students is often challenging, even more so when it comes to complex issues that impact their future. In this practical white paper, Marie Groak and Christen Pollock provide four valuable lessons to help us communicate more effectively. Link
Raising student achievement and smoothing the difficult transition from school to college will require sustained, intentional collaboration between schools and colleges. We commissioned Hart Research to conduct interviews with district superintendents and public and private college and university chancellors, presidents and deans to uncover both barriers and opportunities for more collaboration. Link


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